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As the demand for service continues to increase, customers find a dependable partner in CIAS SpA. Traditionally attentive to the needs of its customers, CIAS has invested significant resources in guaranteeing quality and speed of service.

An automated vertical store ensures the company can process every single order of whatever size, guaranteeing an exact match to specification and certification details thanks to a tried and tested, fully automated system of product identification and traceability.

This means that all materials are checked before being supplied with the relative test certificates attached.

In addition to its own testing and inspection facilities, CIAS enlists the services of reputable outside laboratories, giving customers the opportunity to have any type of test and/or analysis conducted.

Forged products are all ultrasound tested to verify their internal integrity.

The cutting department is equipped with a number of systems capable of managing any type of cutting operation on bar stock automatically. CNC machines, robotized cutting centres and other special tools are able to satisfy any specific customer requirement.

A recently introduced automatic demagnetizing system ensures residual magnetism can be eliminated from steel bar stock of any quality and dimensions.

If requested, heat treatments can be carried out on bar stock or single items to customer specification.

Drawing on many years of experience in the mechanical engineering industry, the CIAS group is able to supply finished or semifinished items to customer specification in medium/large production lots.